Halal Cafes and Restaurants serving buffet

Looking for halal buffets in Singapore in 2021? We've rounded up a comprehensive guide of halal-certified and Muslim-owned cafes and restaurants offering buffet.

Everyone is unique and have different taste palate. The most effective way to accommodate everyone is to have various range of food. Restaurants that serve buffet spread would be a good option.

Singapore has many halal-certified buffet restaurants serving international food, local food and food from different cuisines such as Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thai.

Some restaurants are quite comprehensive with many stations serving food from various cuisines and dishes. Some restaurants are specialized in seafood, salad, meat or sushi. So check the list of restaurants below.

Price varies based on age (adults, children and senior citizens) as well as time (lunch, tea and dinner) and day (weekday and weekends). Some offer free dining for children below a certain age or height. Do check their lunch and dinner hours.

Some restaurants are quite popular, so reservations are a must.