About Halal Tag

Halal Tag seeks to bring together the Halal food community and enable all foodies to interact with each other and help find the best halal places to eat.

Halal Tag aims to help both Muslims and non-Muslims to find halal places such as restaurants, cafes, bakeries etc. We also aim to support Muslim-owned food business as well as business supporting Halal requirements. We hope by supporting both foodies and Halal business, it will ensure the continued growth and availability of Halal food in restaurants, cafes, bakeries etc.

We are not a halal certifying body in Singapore. Please contact MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura) if you would like to apply for halal certification.

We would be glad publish any promotions that would benefit the halal community. For advertising opportunities, please contact info@halaltag.com.

How did it started?

In the late 1990s, there were not many Halal restaurants in Singapore. Moreover, many non-Muslims are not familiar with Halal requirements. Most of the restaurants offer "No Pork, No Lard" which does not sufficiently meet Halal requirements.

Halal Tag started from a small list of restaurants saved in text document. It was shared among non-Muslim colleagues who were tasked to look for restaurants to celebrate certain occasions such as staff promotions, birthday celebration etc. Although I was the only Muslim in the department, my colleagues were respectful of my Halal dietary requirements. They would usually ask me for a list of Halal restaurants. Therefore, it was convenient for me to keep a list of Halal restaurants for these occasions.

As time progresses, there were more requests and more Halal options. That's when we decided to publish the list on the company Intranet in early 2000 and then Internet in late 2000. Halal Tag has sinced upgraded from being a humble blog to a searchable directory. Hope, this helps our Muslim community to easily find Halal food as well as support our Muslim business and businesses supporting Halal requirement to flourish.

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