Halal Food

Islam is not a race as Muslims comes from all types of races. Malay is the predominant race for Muslims in Singapore. There are many Muslims from other races too such as Chinese, Indian, Arab, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, English, French, American and African. Therefore, the halal food cuisines which are Muslim-owned are not restricted by race.

In addition, Singapore celebrates diversity. More and more non-Muslim cafes and restaurants have certified their eateries to be halal-certified by the MUIS who is the local halal certifying body in Singapore. Such halal eateries can be enjoyed by both Muslims and non-Muslim friends. To help finding halal food easier, Halal Tag has listed the eateries categorised by food. Hope this will help Singaporeans and tourist in Singapore to find halal food easier.

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  • NaanNaan
    Naan is a thick flatbread traditionally baked inside a clay tandoor oven.
  • Nasi AmbengNasi Ambeng
    Nasi Ambeng is an Indonesian rice dish that consists of white rice, begedil, sambal goreng, sambal sotong, serunding, urap, paru, chicken and beef rendang.
  • Nasi GorengNasi Goreng
    Nasi goreng, literally meaning "fried rice" in Malay.
  • Nasi Goreng (Indian)
    Nasi Goreng (Indian) is also known as "Nasi Goreng Mamak". The dish is said to have originated from the Indian-Muslim community.
  • Nasi KerabuNasi Kerabu
    Nasi Kerabu is a blue rice dish from Kelantan. It consists of a variety of herbs, fresh vegetables, condiments, fish and meat.
  • Nasi LemakNasi Lemak
    Nasi lemak is a popular Malay dish made from rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf.
  • Nasi MandiNasi Mandi
    Originated from Yemen, Nasi Mandi or Mandi Rice is popular in most Arab countries.
  • Nasi PadangNasi Padang
    Nasi Padang is steamed rice served with various choices of pre-cooked dishes.
  • Nasi RawonNasi Rawon
    Nasi Rawon is a popular Javanese dish usually sold at Malay stall. It consists of Rice with the Rawon soup made from buah keluak which is the main spice.