Roti Prata Egg
Roti Prata Egg at Al Jasra

Roti prata is a fried flatbread that is cooked over a flat grill. It is usually served with a vegetable- or meat-based curry. Traditionally, there are 2 types of prata - plain (kosong) or egg. Now, there are many varieties such as  cheese, onion, banana, red bean, chocolate and mushroom. The list goes now and is only limited by the chef's/ cook's innovation.

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Roti Prata Egg
Al Jasra
Roti Prata
Naseeb Muslim Food Stall
Prata Ikhwan
Egg Prata
Plain Prata
Red Ginger
Egg Prata
Mr Mamak
Egg Prata
Prata Special
RK Eating House
Egg Prata
Egg Prata
Zaleha Food Corner
Egg Prata
Casuarina Curry
Prata Telur
Afghanistan Family Restaurant
Prata Mandi Tulang
Zareen's Kitchen
Egg Prata
Srisun Express
Double Egg Prata
Haji E-Moiden
Prata Egg
89.7 Supper Club
Egg Prata
Dil'B Restaurant
Roti Prata Egg
Syed Cafe
Roti Prata Kosong
Khan Saab Restaurant
Egg Prata
Al-Azhar Restaurant

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