Char Kway Teow

Kway Teow Goreng
Kway Teow Goreng at Al-Azhar Restaurant

Char kway teow is a Chinese stir-fried rice noodle dish. In Hokkien and Teochew, Char means “stir-fried” and kway teow refers to flat rice noodles. It is made from flat rice noodles or kway teow stir-fried over very high heat with garlic, light and dark soy sauce, chilli paste, prawns, shelled blood cockles, chopped Chinese chives,and bean sprouts. Other common ingredients include fishcake and belachan.

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Kway Teow Goreng
Al-Azhar Restaurant
Kway Teow Goreng
Char Kway Teow
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Char Kuew Teow Kobe
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Kway Teow Hitam
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Stirfried Kway Teow
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Char Kway Teow
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Char Kway Teow
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Char Kway Teow
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Char Kway Teow
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Char Kway Teow
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Char Kway Teow
Crayfish Char Kway Teow
Noosh Noodle Bar and Grill
Kway Teow Pattaya (Beef)
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Char Kway Teow
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