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Kunafa | Baklava



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  • Baklava Pistachios

    Baklava Pistachios

    by Raiyan23 at Shalaby Sweets

    Baklava Pistachio! Made in Turkey High-Quality pistachios fresh from farm, high quality fillo pastry hand made each layer are rolled by hand, fresh honey with delicious taste of freshness!

  • Kunafa Cheese

    Kunafa Cheese

    by Raiyan23 at Shalaby Sweets

    A common story is that the dish was created, and prescribed by doctors, to satisfy the hunger of caliphs during Ramadan. The story is variously said to have happened in Fatimid Egypt, or in the Umayyad Caliphate in Syria. It is also reported to have been mentioned in writing as early as the 10th cen