Beef Ribs

The Frankenstein
The Frankenstein at R.I.B

Beef ribs are a cut of meat from the rib section of a cow. They are typically cooked by grilling, roasting, or smoking, and are known for their rich, meaty flavor and tender texture. Beef ribs can be served as a main dish or as an ingredient in other dishes such as stews or soups. They are a popular choice for barbecue and are often seasoned with spices or sauce before cooking.

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The Frankenstein
Iga Bakar
Dapur Penyet
Veal Spare Ribs with Mashed Potato
Steak Me
Iga Bakar Kecap
Beef Short Ribs
Royz Et Vous
Beef Ribs - Root Beer and Molasses
I Am ...
Roti Kirai with Beef Ribs
The Malayan Council

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