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Cuisine: Indonesian

Sate Daging Madura
Sate Daging Madura at IndoBowl

Sate Madura (or Satay Madura) is a popular satay variation from Indonesians originating from the island of Madura near Java.

The key element of Sate Madura is the black sauce which is created from sweet soy sauce (kicap manis) combined with palm sugar (gula jawa), garlic, deep-fried shallots, peanut paste, Petis (shrimp paste), kemiri (candlenut) and salt. Mutton Madura satay is generally served with peanut sauce whilst Chicken Madura satay is usually served with peanut sauce.

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Sate Daging Madura
Sate Madura
Cumi Bali

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