Dum Briyani

Briyani Dum
Briyani Dum at Mohsen Mohamed Shah Briyani Azzafffran

Dum Briyani is one of the delicacies loved by Singaporeans.

Dum is a traditional form of slow cooking that was introduced b Moghuls in India in the 16th century. Dum is derived from the Persian term Dumpukht, which means baked or air-cooked. 

In dum briyani cooking, the meat, rice and spices are layered. The lid of the large pot is then sealed using thick pasted made of flour and water. The steam inside will cook the meat to tender perfection.

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Briyani Dum
Mohsen Mohamed Shah Briyani Azzafffran
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Authentic Dam Mutton Briyani
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Mutton Dum Biryani
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