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Nando's is all about chicken, really really good chicken to be exact! Butterfly cut & flame grilled and doused in a special kind of PERi-PERi sauce that makes magic in your belly.

PERi-PERi is the heart and soul of Nando’s. It began centuries ago, when Portuguese explorers were looking to add a little spice to their meals, and they started adding this fiery ingredient into their cuisines.

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  • Bugis Junction
    200 Victoria Street #01-85/87 Singapore 188021
    Contact: 63386555

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  • NEX Mall
    23 Serangoon Central #B1-41 Singapore 556083
    Opening Hours:
    10am to 10pm daily
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  • Plaza Singapura
    68 Orchard Road #04-10/11 Singapore 238839
    Contact: 63372555
    Opening Hours:
    10am to 10pm daily
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  • Tampines Mall
    4 Tampines Central 5 #01-46 Singapore 529510
    Contact: 67895052
    Opening Hours:
    10am to 10pm daily
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  • Tanglin Mall
    163 Tanglin Road, Tanglin Mall #01-14/15 Singapore 247933
    Contact: 62353555

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  • The Star Vista
    1 Vista Exchange Green #B1-09 Singapore 138617
    Contact: 66940630
    Opening Hours:
    10am to 10pm daily
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