Halal Food

Islam is not a race as Muslims comes from all types of races. Malay is the predominant race for Muslims in Singapore. There are many Muslims from other races too such as Chinese, Indian, Arab, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, English, French, American and African. Therefore, the halal food cuisines which are Muslim-owned are not restricted by race.

In addition, Singapore celebrates diversity. More and more non-Muslim cafes and restaurants have certified their eateries to be halal-certified by the MUIS who is the local halal certifying body in Singapore. Such halal eateries can be enjoyed by both Muslims and non-Muslim friends. To help finding halal food easier, Halal Tag has listed the eateries categorised by food. Hope this will help Singaporeans and tourist in Singapore to find halal food easier.

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  • PastaPasta
    Pasta is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine.
  • PauPau
    Pau or Pao or Bao is a type of yeast-leavened filled bun in various Chinese cuisines.
  • Phad ThaiPhad Thai
    Phad thai or pad thai is a stir-fried rice noodle dish commonly served as a street food and at casual local eateries in Thailand.
  • PhoPho
    Pho is a Vietnamese beef soup consisting of broth, rice noodles, herbs and meat.
  • PiePie
  • PizzaPizza
    Pizza is a traditional Italian dish consisting of a yeasted flatbread typically topped with tomato sauce and cheese and baked in an oven.
  • PokePoke
    Poke is a Hawaiian dish which literally means "to slice" or "cut crosswise into pieces" in Hawaiian.
  • PrataPrata
    Roti prata is a fried flatbread that is cooked over a flat grill.
  • Prawn NoodlePrawn Noodle
    Prawn Noodle is a popular Chinese noodle soup.
  • Putu PiringPutu Piring
    Putu Piring is a popular Malay snack. It is a round, steamed rice cake filled with melted Gula Melaka (palm sugar) and eaten with freshly grated coconut.
  • RamenRamen
    Ramen is a Japanese dish consisting of wheat noodles served in a meat or (occasionally) fish-based broth, often flavoured with soy sauce or miso, and uses toppings such as sliced meat, dried seaweed and green onions.
  • Ramly BurgerRamly Burger
    Ramly Burger is made using either beef or chicken patty with lots of sauces such as mayonnaise, chilli, pepper and/or other spices. These are then wrapped in a thin layer of egg.
  • Roti BoyanRoti Boyan
    Roti Boyan is a popular snack made with flaky pastry and stuffed with mashed potato.
  • Roti KiraiRoti Kirai
    Roti Kirai is also known as Roti Jala, literally meaning "lace bread".
  • Sambal StingraySambal Stingray
    Sambal stingray is a dish consisting of stingray fish grilled or barbecued and served with a spicy sauce made from sambal paste, chilli, garlic, and other ingredients.
  • SataySatay
    Satay or sate is a dish of seasoned, skewered using bamboo sticks and grilled meat, served with peanut sauce.
  • Sate MaduraSate Madura
    Sate Madura is a popular satay variation from Indonesians originating from the island of Madura near Java.
  • SeafoodSeafood
    For seafood lovers, there are many varieties of halal seafood available in Singapore such as fish, crabs, prawns, squid and clams.
  • Souffle PancakeSouffle Pancake
    Soufflé pancake is a pancake created with soufflé techniques.
  • Sourdough
    Sourdough is a type of bread that is made using a starter, rather than commercial yeast, as the leavening agent
  • SteakSteak
    A steak is a flat cut of beef, usually cut perpendicular to the muscle fibres. Join Halal Tag to discover halal steaks in Singapore.
  • SteamboatSteamboat
    Steamboat or hotpot is a cooking method prepared with a simmering pot of flavoured broth.
  • SushiSushi
    Sushi is the Japanese preparation and serving of cooked vinegared rice combined with varied ingredients such as chiefly seafood, vegetables, meat (usually fish), and occasionally tropical fruits.
  • Tahu GorengTahu Goreng
    Tahu Goreng literally means Fried Tofu.
  • TartTart
    Tart typically refers to a type of pastry or dessert that is made with a crust or shell made from flour, butter, and sometimes sugar, filled with a sweet or savoury filling such as fruit, custard, or cheese.
  • TauhuayTauhuay
    Tauhuay is a Chinese tofu pudding made of soy curd with sugar syrup.
  • TeppanyakiTeppanyaki
    Teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food.
  • Tom YumTom Yum
    Tom Yum is a popular hot and sour soup that originated in Thailand.
  • TomahawkTomahawk
    The tomahawk steak, also known as a bone-in ribeye or tomahawk chop, is a well marbled, rich and buttery big, thick ribeye with a long bone still attached.
  • Truffle FriesTruffle Fries
    Truffle fries are typically prepared by tossing the fries in truffle oil and then sprinkling them with grated Parmesan cheese and chopped fresh herbs, such as parsley or thyme.
  • Tteokbokki Tteokbokki
    Tteokbokki or stir-fried rice cakes is a popular Korean food made from small-sized garae-tteok (long, white, cylinder-shaped rice cakes) called tteokmyeon (떡면; "rice cake noodles") or commonly tteokbokki-tteok (떡볶이 떡; "tteokbokki rice cakes").
  • WafflesWaffles
    A waffle is a dish made from leavened batter or dough that is cooked between two plates that are patterned to give a characteristic size, shape and surface impression.
  • Wanton NoodleWanton Noodle
    Wanton noodles, also known as wanton mee, is a popular Chinese dish that originated in Guangdong province.
  • WrapsWraps
    A wrap is made with a soft flatbread rolled around a filling.
  • YakinikuYakiniku
    Yakiniku is Japanese style BBQ which literally means "grilled meat".
  • YushengYusheng
    Yusheng or Prosperity Toss, also known as Lo Hei. is a Cantonese-style raw fish salad.
  • Zi CharZi Char
    Zi Char literally means cook and fry in Hokkien.