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  • Peach Cobbler

    Peach Cobbler

    Peach slices with savoury dough butter and vanilla ice-cream

  • Mocktails


    Vampire's Venom - Strawberry, mint leaves and orange; Skeleton Key - Apple, Lime, Cinnamon, Simple Syrup, Charcoal and Soda

  • Creole Corn Ribs

    Creole Corn Ribs

    Roasted sweet corn with house spice and honey

  • Corn Chips with Southern Meat Dip

    Corn Chips with Southern Meat Dip

    Crispy corn chips with carjun tomato dip and meat trimmings

  • Freddy's Lamb Ribs

    Freddy's Lamb Ribs

    BBQ lamb ribs with hickory BBQ sauce with side dish, home-made mac and cheese and roasted vegs

  • The Frankenstein

    The Frankenstein

    Flanken cut short beef ribs with sweet and tangy R.I.B sauce