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  • Kakap Merah Bakar Jimbaran

    Kakap Merah Bakar Jimbaran

    Whole red snapper 500g grilled Jimbaran-Bali style with traditional house-made Balinese shrimp paste and Javanese sweet soy sauce. Accompanied with freshly farmed crunchy cucumbers, tomatoes, kamangi, long beans and house-made sambal. Credit: IG esth3r_esth3r

  • Ayam Bakar Taliwang

    Ayam Bakar Taliwang

    Grilled chicken marinated in signature Lombok's style method and spiced with freshly pounded black peppercorns with purified sea salt. Served with Lombok's style steam water spinach topped with tomato chilli sambal, ground peanut and house-made sambal. Credit: IG @esth34_esth3r