Halal Food

Islam is not a race as Muslims comes from all types of races. Malay is the predominant race for Muslims in Singapore. There are many Muslims from other races too such as Chinese, Indian, Arab, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, English, French, American and African. Therefore, the halal food cuisines which are Muslim-owned are not restricted by race.

In addition, Singapore celebrates diversity. More and more non-Muslim cafes and restaurants have certified their eateries to be halal-certified by the MUIS who is the local halal certifying body in Singapore. Such halal eateries can be enjoyed by both Muslims and non-Muslim friends. To help finding halal food easier, Halal Tag has listed the eateries categorised by food. Hope this will help Singaporeans and tourist in Singapore to find halal food easier.

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  • Coney DogConey Dog
    A Coney Dog is a hot dog in a bun topped with a savoury meat sauce and sometimes other toppings.
  • CrabCrab


  • CrepesCrepes
    Crepes are a type of thin, French pancake that can be filled with a variety of sweet or savory ingredients.
  • CupcakesCupcakes
    A cupcake is a small cake designed to serve one person, which may be baked in a small thin paper or aluminum cup.
  • DonDon
    “Don 丼” refers to the bowl that the dish is served in, so for a typical donburi, you get a bowl of fluffy steamed rice with toppings such as vegetables and meat or seafood all in one meal.
  • DonutDonut
    Donut or doughnut is a type of fried dough confectionery or dessert food.
  • Duck RiceDuck Rice
    Duck rice is a rice dish which served with braised or roasted duck meat and thick dark sauce.
  • Dum BriyaniDum Briyani
    In dum briyani cooking, the meat, rice and spices are layered. The lid of the large pot is then sealed using thick pasted made of flour and water. The steam inside will cook the meat to tender perfection.
  • Egg BenedictEgg Benedict
    Eggs Benedict is a traditional American breakfast and brunch dish that originated in New York City.
  • Egg TartEgg Tart
    Egg tart is a type of tart that consists of a pastry crust and a filling made primarily of eggs, milk, and sugar.